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The Catherine Boden team specialises in creating exceptionally beautiful hairstyles and offering clients a warm and welcoming personal touch. In addition to expert hair colouring and the unique Hollywood Colour Blend™ technique, we also offer a full range of other services to help you achieve a stunning, long-lasting look.

Catherine Boden Services

Hollywood Colour Blend ™

Catherine Bodens signature technique for the ultimate, multi-toned hair.

Colour Services

Rich, long-lasting hair colouring that uses the right tone and maintains shine.

Hair Extensions

Long-lasting extensions that blend seamlessly with your hairs colour and texture.


Sleek and chic hairstyles that enhance your facial features.

Common Problems

Colouring hair is a specialist skill, and our clients often tell us about their experiences visiting other stylists and colouring professionals. You may even have experienced some of these issues yourself.

Application of the wrong colours

Regrowth, possibly within two weeks. It can sometimes even be seen while still in the chair when roots have not been reached or the colour has bled.

Lack of shine

A lack of knowledge about how long colour should be left on the hair or the positioning of colour and tones

Dry, damaged hair

Misjudged tones including areas that show as yellow or orange, or harsh ash tones on grey hair.

Enhancing each client’s natural beauty not for days or weeks, but for months.

The Hollywood Colour Blend™ approach

Creating beautifully blended hair colour is a sophisticated process involving many stages, each requiring an expert’s touch. It is about very much more than simply adding highlights or lowlights, and many factors need to be considered in order to get it right.

The Catherine Boden approach involves understanding the skin’s undertones, as these will help determine the perfect hair colour for any individual.

There are three main hair tone categories. These are warm, cool and neutral. We select hair tones that complement the skin’s undertones, such as cooler colours to suit someone with warm undertones.

We use up to 14 tones, with every highlight and lowlight being carefully considered during the process. Brighteners, lighteners and toners all have a role to play, as does precise colour placement.

It is not a process that can be rushed, taking between five and eight hours, but the Catherine Boden salon has been designed to help the time fly by. The experience is all about pampering and pleasure!



Naturally brown hair offers a wide range of possibilities, and we have the expertise to create stunning effects including on Asian hair types.

Working with ‘bronde’ colours (half brunette, half blonde), we can introduce lighter shades leaving a dark shadowed root, with the shading being taken to different lengths as required.

The style can be matched with eyebrow and skin tones for a beautifully natural-looking effect. We can also eliminate the brassy golden tones that can be found on dark brunette hair, replacing these tones with ash blonde or chocolate brown.


In creating solutions for our blonde clients, we provide richness and subtlety in the colours we use.

We control warm tones and use a range of very effective low lighting and highlighting techniques, blending colours gradually to give natural-looking lighter ends.

Our unique product selection gives us access to a huge range of colours for the kind of finish that cannot be found elsewhere.


We help our red-haired clients to achieve a range of warm, cool and vibrant red finishes, using sophisticated techniques to enhance the selected tone.

We help clients choose from a range of options, brightening or neutralising as required, softening harsher natural tones and adding golden highlights where appropriate.

Our Happy Clients

Enhancing each client’s natural beauty not for days or weeks, but for months

Michelle De Bruyne

“I first visited Catherine a few years ago on a recommendation from a friend who was already a client of Catherine’s. Catherine was amazing, she gave me advice on the tones that would be most suitable for my hair type and enhance my skin tone etc. My hair turned out beautifully, better than I could’ve imagined, since then I’ve never once looked back or considered another salon. My colour looked so good, my husband even had his hair done too. The actual experience of going to Catherine Boden is always incredible, everyone is so well looked after, it’s always a wonderful atmosphere!”

Stacey Forsey

"I originally came to Catherine a few years ago on a referral from a colleague and close friend. I was really worried about having my hair coloured after experiencing hair loss due to health issues. It had fully grown back but I was still very concerned about how my hair would react to colouring. Catherine was very knowledgeable and patient with me. She explained everything to me in detail, which gave me the reassurance I needed. It’s been three years since I started having my hair coloured by Catherine and it’s in the best condition it’s ever been. She really is a hair magician. I definitely wouldn’t consider going to anyone else."

Conna Walker

“I’ve been having my hair coloured by Catherine for about 8 years when she first developed the Hollywood ColourBlend® technique. Catherine’s salon isn’t local to my home in LA; however, it’s always worth the trip because I know I’m going to someone who knows my hair, what suits me and truly cares about giving me the best results. I can not recommend her highly enough."

Lucy-Jo Hudson

“I absolutely love Catherine, she is amazing at her job! she’s such a perfectionist when it comes to her work and I love that! I genuinely love the colour of my hair.... the colour blend that she does lasts for absolute ages! She’s taken my roots back to my virgin hair so I don’t need to go back every 4-6 weeks for a root touch up, so i can go months without going back to see her, which is a bonus now we’ve been in lockdown for bloody ages haha. She does the colour blend so that you only need to see her once every 6 months which is just amazing! She is also a gorgeous human being and I’ve loved our little chats.... her team are also just as lovely and every time I take a trip to my hairdresser I feel like I’m being pampered for the day! Thankyou catherine and your gorgeous team for always looking after me. Lucy-Jo-Hudson xxx”

Hannah Renee

“I’ve been going to Catherine Boden for many years and would not consider anyone else. I care about my hair on a personal level, but it’s also a huge part of my professional appearance. As a makeup & fashion YouTuber, I always want to look presentable, so I always go to people I genuinely trust. The Hollywood ColourBlend is a technique like no other.”

Gemma Merna

"My experience at Catherine Boden Ltd has been nothing but wonderful every time I have stepped through the doors. Such a beautiful salon, lovely staff and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair now. My colour is perfect for me, it last and my hair has gone thicker and stronger since going. With having blonde hair my hair hasn’t always been in great condition but since Catherine has been doing it it’s the best it’s ever been. Customer for life 💕"

Faryal Makhdoom Khan​

“Being in the public eye means my appearance is very important and I change my look often. Catherine understands Asian hair and always seems to be able to transform my hair and achieve exactly what I want. Taking it from dark to light in one appointment. I honestly wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my colour.”

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