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No need to wait for your hair to grow. Get longer, thicker and more luscious hair instantly at Catherine Boden hair extension salons in Manchester and Cheshire. Our high-quality extensions are expertly fitted, so they will seamlessly blend with your hair. No one will suspect a thing.

Hair extensions require an expert’s touch. At Catherine Boden, we study the tones and texture of our hair to determine the best extensions for the look you desire.

Whether you want full-bodied hair or locks that reach your hips, Catherine Boden will help you achieve it.

Your Hair Extension Options


Don’t be fooled by its name tape hair extensions adhere strongly to your hair, so they won’t be easy to tug off. They require less maintenance than other hair extensions and are very durable. They’re also the easiest extensions to remove.

LA Weave

The LA Weave uses microbeads, hair wefts and thread and needle to adhere to your hair. But don’t worry, it will look natural. If they’re fitted at our expert hair extension salon, they will blend with the rest of your locks.

Micro Ring

Micro rings use small rings or hoops to attach the extensions to your natural hair. Our hair extension hairdressers in Manchester and Cheshire will press them close to your scalp for a secure bond. They won’t damage the hair, and people won’t be able to distinguish the extension from the real hair.

Nano Ring

Nano rings are smaller and less detectable than micro rings, which is why they’re the best option for thin, fine or light-coloured hair.

Nano rings are also ideal for straight and wavy hair.

Skillful Fitting

Our hair extension fitting services include professional cutting to get the length and thickness you desire. These include a blow-dry to complete the look.

A Luxurious Escape to a Trouble-Free World

Hair extension fitting requires a couple of hours depending on the type, length and thickness of the extensions, but at Catherine Boden, you won’t notice the time fly by. Our hair extension salons in Manchester and Cheshire have a relaxing atmosphere. Each chair faces a television to keep you entertained, while our experts work their magic.

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LA Weave
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Nano Ring
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