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Maintaining Your Perfect Colourblend

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Now that you have achieved the perfect ColourblendTM, it is imperative that you follow our aftercare advice. This will help to minimise colour fade in between salon visits and assist you in maintaining your luscious locks.

On average the ColourblendTM lasts at minimum of 3-4 months on 98% of clients. Unfortunately, the other 2% may experience premature colour fade. This is rarely down to application and therefore where possible you must avoid the following:

  • DO NOT wash your hair more than necessary (Ideally no more than twice per week). Washing your hair daily will significantly increase your chances of premature colour fade. Why not try using dry shampoo in between washes.

  • DO NOT use a shampoo high in sulphates. Clarifying shampoo should also be avoided at all costs.

  • DO NOT use a dandruff shampoo for dry / itchy scalp. These product types contain ingredients which strips hair colour.

  • DO NOT expose your hair to prolonged sunlight. Cover your hair with a hat or invest in a good leave in protection spray.

  • DO NOT expose your hair to chlorine or salt water. Always wear your hair up, wear a swimming cap or hat.


    To prevent colour fade it is essential that you use colour-friendly products. We strongly recommend you use JOICO products as we have many years’ experience of working with this brand and they have been tried and tested.

    If you prefer to use a brand of your choice, please ensure it is a salon quality brand which contains very low levels of sulphates or ideally is sulphate free.

    If you struggle with warm undertones, we recommend you use a blue shampoo and conditioner as this helps to neutralise any warmth. In extreme cases, you may require regular ColourblendTM toners in between your Colourblend refresh appointments. This is a one-hour appointment and will keep those red / orange tones at bay.

    If your colour has lifted too light too soon, this can be easily corrected by applying a ColourblendTM toner in between your ColourblendTM refresh appointments.

Other known reasons why you may experience premature colour fading:
• Your hair has been over-processed/damaged by previous hair treatments.
• Your hair has been stripped in the last 3-4 years.
• You haven’t used regular Keratin/protein treatments (once per week for normal hair types. For dry / frizzy hair types a treatment should be used every wash). • Your previous hairdresser overlapped your hair when bleaching.

If you’ve followed our aftercare advice and your colour is still fading fast, we understand how frustrating this can be but unfortunately, sometimes it is due to factors which are beyond our control.

Below are some of the main factors which may be contributing to your colour fading prematurely:

Your Hair Type

Occasionally premature colour fading can be simply down due to your hair type. Hair types which have high porosity are naturally very dry / frizzy and do not hold on to colour as well as other hair types. This is due to the cuticles being more open (porous), which prevents the colour molecules from holding on to your hair. In extreme cases colour can fade considerably within the first few washes.

In this instance, following the above after care advice and having regular ColourblendTM toners applied will help to maintain your colour longer.

Over Processed Hair

If bleach has been applied to your hair more than once in any 6-month period, then unfortunately it is very likely that you will experience premature colour fading. This
is due to the hair cuticles being open / porous, which prevents the colour molecules from holding on to your hair. In extreme cases the colour can wash within the first few washes.

If this is the case then unfortunately until your new hair grows through, you will have to accept that your hair colour will need to be applied more regular than most. We hope this guide has provided you with a better understanding of your hair and to get the most out of your ColourblendTM.

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